Inn History

The Dutch Iris Inn is a beautiful 1812 New England home set on three acres in the historic section of Granby, CT. The home was built on land owned by James Dibble and Isaac Phelps, and the house remained in the Dibble family with the exception of a 48 year interruption. The Dibble and Phelps families now reside in the Granby Cemetery in the center of town. Mary Edwards, 5th generation from James Dibble, was the last descendant of the Dibble family to own the house.

Mary loved this home and cherished the town of Granby. Her family lived in Hartford and summered in Granby every year, much like those in earlier generations. The Edwards family would arrive in Granby at the beginning of summer and stay until “Golden Sunday,” the Sunday on which all of the leaves on the maple trees in the front yard had turned gold.

Many antiques were left in the house by the Edwards family as they felt the pieces “belonged to the house.” An early 1800s Chickering piano (which is in the foyer), as well as a fainting couch, a four poster bed, marble top dresser and a Louis XIV couch were all left with the house.

If history is of interest to you, the Salmon Brook historical society is located just down the road. The entire history of the house, as well as Granby, will be available to you.