Hiking through the Mary Edwards Mountain Property in North Granby CT

When does a hike become a truly emotional experience?  When the land upon which you are walking has a direct connection to your own history.  Fall ForestMary Edwards, who for a long time owned the house that is now the Dutch Iris Inn, generously donated land to the Granby Land Trust for everyone to enjoy.  The Mary Edwards Mountain Property trails offer a variety of hikes, where you will come across stone walls, brooks and streams, ponds, “Mary’s Rock,” a view of Springfield MA and more… all from atop the rolling hills of North Granby.  The low-lying ground vegetation, laurels, burning bush and other beautiful underbrush provide an intricate weave of natural beauty.  The sugar maples, spectacular birch trees, evergreens, oaks, and every other kind of tree typically found in New England show off their glory year round. 

Which season is best for a hike?  The answer could be argued in every direction, but one thing is certain, all of the many trails near the Dutch Iris Inn are unforgettable no matter what time of year you visit. 

Mary Edwards

Mary Edwards in 1932

Winter:  The quiet hush of snow among towering trees, when cross-country skiing and snowshoeing bring us outdoors; Spring:  Walking the soggy forest bottom to see the bright green growth that nature puts forth; Summer:  Hiking through lush greenery and coming upon nature in full bloom and views of the rolling hills; Autumn:  This is New England – need we say more about the way we feel when fallen leaves crunch under foot?  Come soak in the awesome autumn colors of the Mary Edwards Mountain Property, offering you an experience like no other!

While in the area, be sure to stop into some of our favorite places in North Granby:  Lost Acres Orchard (orchard, farm store, “quilt happenings”), Lost Acres Vineyard (new winery & vineyard – see our previous blog), and Sweet Pea Cheese (best goat and cow dairy products around!).  North Granby has beautiful countryside, we sure you will enjoy your time there.

Want to learn more about the Granby Land Trust or become a Property Steward (we are!)?  Granby Land TrustIt is so satisfying to enjoy these natural landscapes and make sure they remain the way nature intended.  Generous folks (like Mary Edwards) who have donated land, those that look after the properties, and the energetic volunteers that perform the work to maintain them are dedicated to making a difference in preserving our natural heritage.  For this effort, we are always thankful.

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